It is said that your brand is the identity of your company. And while that is true, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Your brand is as unique as you are.  When you start thinking about your business, your brand idea can determine various factors in the business.  Your brand idea is really a description of what your brand stands for, and once that has been determined, can be the deciding factor when making decisions about your business and your brand.

Says Julie Cottineau of Brand Twist, “A Brand Idea is a succinct and motivating summary of what your brand stands for. It should be aspirational (maybe even a bit lofty) and should help guide every single decision you make in developing and managing your business.”

Your brand development then has a foundation, because every thought, idea and vision for the brand leads to the question, “Does it fit in with my brand idea?” Does your logo, your corporate identity fit in with your brand idea?

How does this help you?

Your business starts off with the right building blocks because your identity is already defined, and this can give you an immense amount of vision and direction.

Determining your target market becomes that much easier, because you know who you are.

You can attract the right investors, the right customers, and potentially the right employees, all leading to the growth of your business.

So do it! Even if your business is not in the start-up phase, write your brand idea down.  If your brand needs to change, go for it!