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Choosing a Designer – Interview on KingfisherFM

Choosing the designer or agency that is going to develop and look after your brand is not an easy thing to do… and it should take a little time, and some homework!

Some of the standard questions to ask when choosing a designer are covered in this interview – like:

Are they local?

What have they done before?

How credible are they?

Who will own my brand and the design that is done?

In this interview with Gareth Burley on the Financial Couch, listen to some tips on choosing the right designer or agency for you, and then know some of the questions to ask and why you should ask them…


And if you haven’t listened to KingfisherFM in a while, do yourself a favour and listen here. Local is lekker after all!

Intro & Brand Development – Interview on KingfisherFM

During 2015 we were given an opportunity to do a series of interviews on the Financial Couch with Gareth Burley on KingfisherFM.

Take a listen to the first interview on the Financial Couch.  We chat about how we started our business, and then where to start with developing your business’s brand.

Listening to this, I realise that I laugh a lot! And I like the word “Absolutely” very much! Ya…

The Graphic Vine - Business Identity

Starting up? Your brand idea.

It is said that your brand is the identity of your company. And while that is true, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Your brand is as unique as you are.  When you start thinking about your business, your brand idea can determine various factors in the business.  Your brand idea is really a description of what your brand stands for, and once that has been determined, can be the deciding factor when making decisions about your business and your brand.

Says Julie Cottineau of Brand Twist, “A Brand Idea is a succinct and motivating summary of what your brand stands for. It should be aspirational (maybe even a bit lofty) and should help guide every single decision you make in developing and managing your business.”

Your brand development then has a foundation, because every thought, idea and vision for the brand leads to the question, “Does it fit in with my brand idea?” Does your logo, your corporate identity fit in with your brand idea?

How does this help you?

Your business starts off with the right building blocks because your identity is already defined, and this can give you an immense amount of vision and direction.

Determining your target market becomes that much easier, because you know who you are.

You can attract the right investors, the right customers, and potentially the right employees, all leading to the growth of your business.

So do it! Even if your business is not in the start-up phase, write your brand idea down.  If your brand needs to change, go for it!

The Graphic Vine - Circle Logo

Developing your brand: mistakes to avoid

Your brand is your business, so make sure that you do the best that you can for your brand.  Here are some mistakes to avoid making when developing your brand into something memorable.

Say what?? Your name must be easy to remember, and easy to pronounce – and this goes for your domain name too. You might think your name is great, but if it’s hard for someone else to say it or spell it, you are already losing potential customers.  I find that people are quick to put contact numbers on their marketing material, but the chances are that people will remember an email address before they remember a phone number.

DIY!  Don’t design your own logo (if you aren’t a designer!)  Your logo is your most visible part of your brand.  Make sure that it’s done by a professional who has the skill and eye for an amazing logo that you can live with for a long time.  A logo that you’ve put together in MS Word is not going to cut it if you’re in this for the long haul.  Spend the money now- your brand is worth it!

Social media is great – but check yourself.  I think a lot of businesses have endured steep learning curves when it comes to using social media and having it work for them.  Make sure you have a strategy before you embark on any great social media adventures for your brand. It’s not as easy as you think to get a “like”, but when you’ve irritated your social media audience with too much information, incorrect information or no real information at all, they will “unlike” you in a flash. Have a plan.

Consistency in your message is vital.  What do I mean?  Your logo is only the start of the story that is your brand.  You have this great logo developed, but when you send an email, does your logo get dumped at the end of it? Or does your email signature tell more of your brand’s story? What about gmail?  Are you still using a gmail account for email?  Many small (and not so small) businesses have not spent a small amount of money registering a domain and email addresses that tell more of your brand’s story.  Every aspect and element of your brand should be consistent it telling your story. Be professional, be consistent.

It can take years to establish your business in the market.  Don’t lose the ground you’ve gained by making mistakes that could easily have been avoided.

Talk to us.  We’d love to assist you in building your brand into something great!

Reference:  Scott Mickelson